International Health Projects

unaids logo Development of Life Skills Education resources for use in the formal education secondary school sector in developing countries.
unicef logo Life Skills-based drug education and HIV/AIDS education curriculum development. Facilitation of training for master trainers; and coaching of master trainers in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Africa, Nepal and Bangladesh
un logo UN Head Office New York - Global Educators' Water and Sanitation Workshop to ensure understanding of issues related to Life Skills-based education and relevant placement in program development to ensure budgetary requirements were met.
ausaid logo Provided a consultant to Work with AusAID as part of a Technical Assessment Group (TAG) to review Projects Tender documents for aid money allocated to Indonesia and China.
wess logo Delivery of Life Skills Training to educators and engineers in Columbia
unicef logo UNICEF Bangladesh Country Office and Department of Social Services - Work with and build the capacity of the National Consultant to review current 'Life Skills Module' and develop a suitable 'Life Skills Package' for Street Children to be delivered by 'Peer Educators'. This project included the development of Life Skills sessions for a mostly illiterate audience who lived in a very poor resource environment. Master Trainers were trained to train and mentor the 'Peer Educators'.

Advocacy was done with the 'Drop in Centres' to ensure integration of the 'Life Skills' concepts in their everyday functioning. Conducted Life Skills-based Refresher Training with a focus on rights based and gender sensitive activities for core master trainers. Developed the process monitoring; evaluation methodologies; and tools with BCO Staff, to maintain quality of life skills training sessions at a variety of levels.
who logo Provided individuals who worked as Short Term Consultants to provide Technical Expertise with a variety of United Nation agencies including the World Health Organisation.
qas logo Queensland Ambulance Service, Mornington Island - Worked in rural and remote locations with communities and groups; Focus on chronic disease management, disease and injury prevention and health promotion using a public health approach and methodology;

Examine the health profile of the community, existing services, and the mapping of service networks; Identify ways to adapt emergency medicine practices, and to integrate clinical and pratical skills to encourage behaviour change whilst promoting higher standards of health in the community.
unicef logo UNICEF Bangladesh Country Office - Build capacity and assist writers of the informal education program to develop age appropriate lessons on sensitive issues such as HIV/AIDS and drug education.

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