International Health Consultants


Pacific Edge Enterprises staff are experienced in the formal education system at the primary, secondary, special and tertiary education levels. They have worked in a variety of teaching and management roles including:

  • Alcohol and Other drug Consultants
  • Special Health Issues Education Consultants
  • Principal Education Officers - Performance Management

United Nations

Members of our team have worked in a variety of United Nation agencies in a number of developing nations as well as facilitated Global Educator Workshops in the United Nations Head Office in New York.

Life Skills

Part of our work has focussed on Life Skills Education related to specific issues such as drug education; HIV/AIDS education; and water and sanitation education for communities, the formal and informal education systems of the nation, as well as specific groups such as street children. Programs delivered range from awareness raising; curriculum development; training of master trainers through to support of trained facilitators and advocacy with supervisors and high level government officials.

All developed programs have 'Terms of Reference' and are evidence based as a result of extensive analysis of needs, undergo constant monitoring and evaluation to ensure relevance to the needs identified.

Other Expertise

  • Adolescent and Women's Health
  • Educational Leadership, Strategic Planning and System Development
  • Behaviour Change
  • Health Promotion Management and Health Service Reviews
  • Health Resources and Curriculum Development
  • Parent and Community Development

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